RV and Utility Vehicles

One of our largest focus areas, MJB provides components and custom product solutions to the industry’s premier volume fabricators of recreational vehicles and utility vehicles as well as manufacturers of automotive-class and heavy truck equipment such as buses, golf carts, box trucks, semis, cargo trailers, Transport Containers.

Products and manufacturing services include composite and engineered wood, plywood, LVL and LSL, all supported by extensive cut to size, sub-assembly and JIT (just-in-time) capabilities.

North American production for quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

Global partner supply for strategic volume program supply.

The highest quality standards for all sourced materials, products, and components you specify with our value-add manufacturing services.

Capacity to provide products and components in volume.


At MJB, our products start with quality and reliably sourced wood and engineered wood materials.

Transportation Core
Medium Density Fiberboard
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Engineered by compressing and bonding wood fibers for greater strength and density than particleboard and plywood


Engineered by pressing wood chips with adhesives

Oriented Strand Board
Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Engineered by compressing wood flakes with adhesives in specific positioning. With superior strength to Particleboard, it can be used for flooring and sidewalls.


Composite material manufactured from layers of wood veneer (“plies”) glued together. Each layer’s grain is rotated up to 90 degrees for overall dimensional stability and consistency.



MJB is more than just a supplier or vendor — we are your full solutions partner. In addition to supply you can count on, quality PRODUCTS, and volume savings, taking advantage of our manufacturing services with RV and Utility Vehicles COMPONENTS will help you save additional time and resources while elevating your business and offering.

RV and Utility Vehicles
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