The MJB Connection

Connecting PEOPLE, PRODUCTS and SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS through innovation and expertise to enhance the profitability of its customers.

Because our philosophy is simple. We build meaningful connections that make a difference and last a lifetime. This approach allows us to focus on activities, ideas and solutions that are truly innovative and provide long term value to our employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and communities.

Connecting to our Customers

Because every customer is unique: There is no one that does business exactly the same and there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to any problem. With MJB, our solutions are tailored to fit each customers unique requirements.

We take the time to understand what makes our customers unique from their competition and the current challenges and opportunities they face. It’s not just about WHAT they buy; it’s about HOW they buy and how their customers buy.

Connecting to the Supply Chain

Because you need something better: Conventional business practices are being challenged every day; technology is better, faster and enabling individuals and businesses to do more than they ever have. What you did to compete last year, last month, and last week is no longer good enough today. We stay on top of all the latest supply chain trends and provide these solutions to our customers.

We don’t sell what our customers want… we sell what they need.

  • Full truckload, less than truckload, pallet or piece
  • Custom grades
  • Component manufacturing and technical engineering support
  • Alternative products (imports, plastics, sustainable)
  • Optimization for best product yields
  • Special packaging
  • MJB’s company owned manufacturing facility in Cedar Hill, TX
  • Vendor managed inventory solutions
  • Visibility across the entire supply chain
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
Connecting to Market Intelligence

Because we can see what our customers don’t see: Being too close to a challenge can cause a loss of perspective. Sometimes it is not always easy to see through the fog.

Our seasoned sales team can provide insight into the market and competitive landscape so that our customers can stay on top of the trends and make informed decisions about their business.

Winning Attitude
Connecting to a Winning Attitude

Because we live outside of the box: Who says it can’t be done? Who says we’ve always done it this way? We don’t accept NO as an answer. There is always a yes to every question but often times it comes with a but…. We challenge conventional wisdom every day and find the YES WE CAN.

Our employees are empowered at every level to make YES WE CAN decisions every day.

Connecting to Profitability

Because we help our customers grow: We can’t always plan for opportunities but we can certainly take advantage of them. Partnering with a company that has the same focus on growth, opportunity and cost can turn opportunity into profit and market share.

We help our customers adjust supply on demand to meet the changing needs of their business. We focus on solutions that take cost out of the supply chain.