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MJB Wood Testimonials

“The Inventory Control Has Been Wonderful.”

Rebeca Nava

Case Study from John Popa and Rebeca Nava — Marlite

What We Do

Marlite manufactures slatwall panels, interior wall systems, and retail panels and fixtures and has been in business since 1930. We provide products for any interior - from healthcare, universities, hotels, casinos, fast food restaurants, grocery and convenience stores.

Description of the Problem

Before working with MJB, keeping track of inventory was always a challenge, and we had many supply shortages.

Why We Chose MJB Wood

We chose to work with MJB Wood because they could offer us more competitive pricing and have outstanding customer service.

The Results Since Implementing

We are now saving both time and money using MJB products and services. We no longer have to call and negotiate with our vendors to receive the best prices and delivery times. MJB is a very reliable service at a reasonable price. The technology MJB offers provides us with greater control over our inventory. We are saving money. and we are increasingly more productive and more organized. Now, with MJB’s assistance we have improved our customer service. Also, we have eliminated shortages, making us more competitive! Purchasing and Receiving is now simplified and efficient. We are very satisfied with MJB’s contributions. They have strengthened our business.