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What our customer say

MJB Wood Testimonials

“Our product is always in stock and we do not have any shortages. No more back orders! VOS allows us to stay ahead of our competitors.

In today’s market we are all taking on more responsibilities and MJB’s tools allow me to be able to focus on other areas of my job. I am more productive and efficient”

Allen Andrews

Case Study from Allen Andrews and John Schiegg — Bison Building Material

What We Do

Bison Building Materials has been a privately owned business involved in Millwork, custom doors and windows, and flat goods manufacturing since 1962.

Description of the Problem

Before working with MJB, it seemed like every inventory we were short. We were having trouble managing inventory levels, tracking and filling orders. We spent too much time with paperwork and menial tasks instead of production.

Why We Chose MJB Wood

We chose to work with MJB Wood because of the Vendor On Site system (VOS). It has had the greatest impact in helping us improve our business.

The Results Since Implementing

MJB has worked with us to become more efficient. If we ever have an issue, MJB is very good at handling any problem quickly. We have been able to drastically reduce the amount of labor hours all the way down the chain of command. We have been able to reduce the things that took our staff so much time and now our team can take on more responsibility. MJB has saved us a lot of time and money.

MJB Wood Testimonials

MJB Helped Us Reduce Man Hours All the Way Down the Chain of Command.”

John Schiegg

Bison Building Materials