Supply Chain

Green Certifications

MJB maintains Chain-of-Custody certifications from both the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). These two certifications are votes of confidence from respected, independent nonprofits, meaning that we support the highest social and environmental standards and high-quality green products in the marketplace today. We at MJB feel strongly about leaving a green footprint on our world, and we’re committed to providing products and services that support conservation, responsible management, and community-level benefits for well-managed forests.

National Warehousing and Distribution

Our network of logistics partners throughout the U.S. and Mexico make it easy to service a single location, or multiple locations. Leverage MJB’s volume purchasing and logistics network to minimize your transportation costs and lead times. In addition, we provide an Internet-based application to record transactions and report real-time stocking levels, materials on order, replenishment alerts and historical usage.

Global Sourcing

MJB has a highly skilled sales team whose expertise focuses on sourcing from Asia, Europe and other emerging international markets. This team has been importing and exporting panel, lumber, component and specialty products successfully for over 30 years. They represent established, reliable suppliers with strong manufacturing capabilities and meticulous quality control.

Technical and Manufacturing Support and Product Development

MJB provides technical and manufacturing support services to help our customers maximize throughput and profitability.  Each service is tailored specifically to our customer’s needs and includes the following:

  • Developing/Modifying products based on customer’s request backed by actual samples
  • Developing/customizing QC standards and procedures
  • Designing gauges, templates, and tools for critical dimensions
  • Developing material specifications
  • Developing, customizing, managing PPAPs (Production Part Approval Process) and other process control procedures
  • Manufacturing, process, product and design engineering
  • Technical expertise in production machine design and wood engineering (Physical properties such as MOR/MOE strength – Material composition, alternative materials and related processing challenges)
  • CAD 3-D modeling, CNC (Computer Numeric Control) router programming and nesting service


MJB offers a variety of technology solutions to provide our customers with efficient back office processing.  These services include consolidating billing and electronic transfer of data via multiple file formats.  If you have special labeling requirements, special reporting or want to automate your purchasing or payment processes, MJB has a tailored solution to meet your needs.


logo-equalityIntroducing MJB’s quality assurance program… e.Quality – Using a proven method of measuring and analyzing quality metrics, MJB has taken this approach to the next level–offering this on line solution to our customers and partners. Our supply partners are able to access the e.Quality program via the Web, to record critical tolerances as orders are produced. This real-time data is used to drive continuous improvement. Once the orders are complete and ready for shipment, MJB pre-certifies each load with a Certificate of Quality Conformance which accompanies the shipping documents. The value to our customers: Material can move straight to the production floor without inspection saving both time and money.