Global Sales and Sourcing

Our Global Sales & Sourcing Division (GSS) focuses on providing products and quality control services for our various industry specific Divisions, as well as customer direct requirements.

Items vary along the range of: Raw Materials (Logs, Lumber, Sheet Stock); Dimension (Cut-stock, Blanks, Edge-Glued Panels, Moldings); Semi-Finished Components (UV Finished Drawer Parts); Finished Products (Cabinet Doors, Entry and Interior Doors, Furniture)… And even Plastics (Injection, Blow Molded, Extrusion, Thermoformed).

We utilize customer specific requirements, as well as provide assistance with innovative product development.

Our combination of Experience, Relationships, Financial Strength, Sourcing, Quality Control, Inventory Management and Best Practices make us an ideal Global Supply Chain Partner!

Also, our wholly-owned Chinese Corporation, MJB Supply (Dalian) CO., LTD., provides us a competitive advantage with our ability to both buy and sell in Chinese Yuan (RMB). And, our ability to maintain inventories within China allows for additional value to be added as we support our supply partners and international customers.