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AC Summit LLC Invests in Texas-based MJB Wood Group, Inc.

GOLDEN, Colo. – AC Summit LLC, a holding company representing the interests of some members of the Coors family, today announced an investment in Irving, Texas-based MJB Wood Group, Inc. which is anticipated to close by the end of the month.

“We have admired MJB Wood Group and its executive team for years, and our due diligence confirmed that it is an extremely high-quality organization with an outstanding culture,” said Casey Gebhard, CFO of AC Summit LLC. “We intend for MJB Wood Group to continue to operate independently.”

With more than 40 years of experience in materials and manufacturing, MJB Wood Group, Inc. provides a diverse line of panel products, components, millwork and specialty products and supply chain solutions to the Millwork, Cabinet, Door, Furniture, Fixture/Display and RV/Transportation segments throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

“This partnership will support future growth with value-added manufacturing and supply chain solutions while continuing to build on our strong reputation of exceptional service to our customers and supply partners,” said Joe Caldwell, president and CEO of MJB Wood Group. “We are excited to work with the AC Summit team, and we believe they are uniquely positioned to provide growth capital and expertise for future expansions in the building products industry.”

MJB Wood Group, Inc. announces the acquisition of the assets of Pacific MDF Products, Inc. of Arkansas and South Carolina

MJB Wood Group, Inc. headquartered in Irving, Texas has completed an asset  purchase of Pacific MDF Products, Inc. of Arkansas, located in El Dorado, AR and Pacific MDF Products, Inc. of South Carolina, located in Clio, SC, collectively doing business under the brand Pac Trim.

Pacific MDF Products manufactures a full line of interior MDF moulding to the retail, pro-dealer and industrial market segments. Under this agreement, Pacific MDF, Inc., headquartered in Rocklin, CA, and Canadian MDF Products Company in Edmonton, AB will continue to own and operate its facilities in California and Canada.

Following the close of this transaction, all employees in the El Dorado, AR and Clio, SC facilities are expected to remain in place.

The acquisition positions MJB as the largest MDF millwork manufacturer in the United States and expands its distribution capabilities to markets across the south and northeast. In addition, this transaction strengthens MJB’s manufacturing footprint and allows for future growth in the industrial market segment.

With the addition of these two facilities, MJB pivots from a regional manufacturer to a national supplier of high quality, superior finish MDF moulding and millwork to the U.S. market.

“I am very excited about bringing together a larger, more efficient manufacturing base to better serve our customers and our suppliers while leveraging the market expertise, talent and technology of the MJB team.  We look forward to expanding our product offering and added-value capabilities for our customers who are so desperately looking for a solution to the current shortage of qualified workers”, said Joe Caldwell, President and CEO. 


MJB Wood Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial wood products offering unique technology-enabled supply-chain services to global manufacturers in the cabinets, doors, furniture, RV and automotive markets.  Founded in 1975, the Company is headquartered in Irving, TX, with affiliates throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Dominican Republic. For more about MJB Wood Group, go to

From a single home office in Texas to a multi-national company, our 275 worldwide employees remain committed to Connecting People, Products and Technology in a way that makes a Distinguishable Difference.

The best transport executives embrace uncertainty because they know that most of their competition will shy away from anything risky about the future. When change comes, those organizations are already well down the road to adaptation.

FTR, the Bloomington, Ind.-based leader in freight transportation forecasting, reports that after 2015, the trucking industry will be facing an unprecedented range of outcomes for the next few years, due to the arrival of two powerful forces that could swing capacity utilization 10 percentage points in either direction. (See graph above)

“A swing of just 5 percent is enough to dramatically impact pricing in the marketplace,” said Noël Perry, senior transportation economist at FTR. “A swing of 10 percent? That would be a disruptive event for both transport executives and supply chain professionals. There will be companies with their heads stuck in the sand — you don’t want to be one of those companies.”

A major negative force is the growing chance of recession, looming over a recovery that is clearly getting old and increasingly buffeted by the bad economic news coming from many global sectors. It is not an event that can be readily identified in advance, but we do know that the chances for it will be increasing.

The positive force is the developing wave of new safety regulations that, if enacted, will push capacity utilization to the critical 100 percent level. Of course, the two forces could counteract themselves if they occur at the same time. However, that is a problem because it would produce historically high capacity utilization during a downturn.

That may be good for truckers, but supply-chain pros will find it very difficult managing reduced budgets in a tight truck market. In addition, the ensuing recovery would likely strain the supply chain system to such a degree that shortages and price spikes would still be liable to occur. Real-time market insights will be critical for those who want to stay ahead of the curve and be able to take advantage of market opportunities.

Capacity, regulations and the overall economy will be part of the discussion at FTR’s annual Transportation Conference, scheduled Sept. 15 through 17 in Indianapolis, Ind. Thought leaders from OEMs, truck fleets, shippers, intermodal, railroads and financial institutions will converge to discuss and plan for the future of freight transportation in North America.

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MJB Wood Group Inc. and employees are committed to helping the community and who better to build houses than the company that supplies the building industry with wood materials.

Employees spent several days in the Dallas heat to help Hearts and Hammers Dallas area chapter, work on a house for low-income citizens and enjoyed every minute.  Thank you to all MJB employees that participated and volunteered their time.

Wood products manufacturer, distributor and supply-chain management company is pleased to announce the addition of frameless cabinet components.

MJB Wood Group adds frameless components to their current modular cabinet line. Introduced at this year’s KCMA conference in October, CabiNEXT™ provides manufacturers with flexibility by offering ready-to-assemble frameless base and wall cabinet boxes.

Amidst the domestic rise in popularity of frameless, or “European” cabinetry, MJB Wood Group is broadening their existing line of CabiNEXT cabinet components. Popular throughout Europe and Asia for their modern look and space saving efficiency, MJB will help manufacturers enter, or expand, into the “European” cabinetry marketplace. “We are very excited about the CabiNEXT frameless component program. It will provide manufacturers with cost effective frameless components that will provide price point and manufacturing flexibility, all the while maximizing plant throughput.” said David Bryant, Cabinet Line of Business Manager at MJB. Arriving with the new 32mm appearance are several customization options which include: Premium and Ultra-Premium components, moulding packages and high definition laminates. The CabiNEXT modular cabinet component system from MJB Wood Group provides framed and frameless solutions for manufacturers desiring to compete at multiple price points.

MJB initially delivered complete manufacturing solutions in framed, or “Traditional” cabinetry components. The addition of the versatile frameless components solidifies the commitment of MJB to innovation and supply chain solutions.

With almost 40 years of experience in materials and manufacturing, MJB Wood Group continues to move forward in outsourcing and supply chain solutions. Whether you are in the Millwork, Cabinet, Door, Furniture, Fixture or Display industries, MJB can supply a diverse line of panel products, components, millwork and specialty products throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

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