Moulding and Millwork

MJB Wood Group is a manufacturer of interior and exterior moulding and millwork products for residential and commericial applications. MJB offers a complete line of products in a wide range of traditional and architectural profiles manufactured out of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or softwood lumber.

As a supplier of moulding and millwork components, MJB Wood Group offers swift delivery of materials tailored to customer’s specifications and manufactured under a rigorous quality assurance processes. While moulding and millwork are an aesthetic component,  it is also a critical feature that must endure long term exposure to interior and exterior elements.

MJB offers two moulding and millwork product lines for interior and exterior applications. MJBSelect™ is produced using durable MDF for interior moulding. PermaSelect® is a pine product offering long term exposure to exterior elements.

Interior Moulding and Millwork

The MJB American Classics Collection

Wall and ceiling panels with timeless design appeal

  • Interior wall and ceiling panels (available in 15mm and 17mm thickness up to 16’ lengths)
  • Can be applied directly to studs eliminating drywall (please check your local fire codes)
  • Contemporary and Traditional design options

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MJBSelect™ is designed for interior moulding and millwork applications. Manufactured using high quality MDF materials from reclaimed sawmill by-products, MJBSelectis an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to solid wood products. More Information

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Exterior Moulding and Millwork


MJB Wood Group offers moulding and millwork for exterior applications with a product line called PermaSelect®. Uniquely produced from natural renewable resources and pressure treated with a safe economical chemical, PermaSelect® offers outstanding long-term protection from exposure to the elements and durability against wear.

PermaSelect® is offered to customer specifications such as profile, thickness, width and length. More Information

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Where to Buy MJBSelect™ or PermaSelect® Products

For domestic and international pricing, availability and logistic support of MJB’s Moulding and Millwork product lines call 1-888-873-7388 or use Contact Us form.