MJB Wood Group Panels are a Work of Art

Wood products manufacturer/distributor and supply-chain management company partners with Cedar Creek Design to reveal display panels to the art world.

MJB Wood Group introduces their line of lightweight panels used to display valuable artwork. Through material optimization the multifunctional panels can be carried and installed by two people while delivering the strength and durability galleries rely upon.

Stepping into a world of curators, artists and collectors may not seem a likely move for a manufacturing company, but that is exactly what MJB Wood Group has done. By partnering with Art Miami and Art Wynwood in 2014, MJB began introducing their precisely machined 12′ panels which are designed to display high-end artwork. MJB in consultation with Cedar Creek Design premiered the panels in December at Art Miami, and they will continue to be on display around the country. Nestled in the background of the exhibitions, some of the 4’x12′ panels offer flush mount power outlets while others offer doors with hidden hinges and keyless security. The flush mount design not only allows for easy stacking but also maintains the integrity of the USB and power source outlets. Art Miami, in collaboration with Art Basel for their 25th anniversary celebration, is considered the premier anchor art fair in South Florida. The December 2nd kickoff of Art Week showcased modern and contemporary art from 125 international art galleries. “It was great working through the challenges in design, engineering and manufacturing of the panels, but that’s MJB, a solution provider,” said Klaus Meyer Technical Director at MJB. By using Medium Density Fiberboard, honey comb and finger joint poplar, these lightweight panels guarantee flatness which is critical in displaying precious art. “We were excited to build art panels that are perfectly flat, align the joints for a smooth monolithic look providing the gallery vendors with a white backdrop for the beautiful artwork,” said Meyer. With a commitment to innovation and forward thinking, MJB will be offering support to art installations for many years to come.

With almost 40 years of experience in materials and manufacturing, MJB Wood Group continues to move forward in supply chain solutions to the marketplace. Whether you are in the Millwork, Cabinet, Door, Furniture, Fixture or Display industries, MJB can supply a diverse line of panel products, components, millwork and specialty products throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

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