MDF Moulding

Medium Density Fiberboard Moulding (MDF Moulding) is a composite material made of wood fibers and resin formed by high pressure and heat processes. MDF Moulding components can be made into a variety of profiles for finishing and trimming residential and commercial interiors and cabinets. MDF Moulding is a low-cost alternative to traditional solid wood and is available unfinished or primed surface requiring painting.

MDF is considered environmental friendly as it is made of wood by-products and waste from lumber mills and wood manufacturing processes eliminating the need to dispose of this material.  MDF Moulding does not contain woodgrains, rings or knots resulting in an ultra-smooth surface ideal for laminating veneers or painting.

MDF Moulding Applications

Cabinet MouldingMDF Moulding is ideal for cabinet manufacturing due to the cost benefits and ability to manufacture to design and architectural specifications.

Interior MillworkMDF Moulding is an ideal alternative to solid or finger-jointed wood for moulding and trim work due to the cost benefits and ability to manufacture to in longer lengths than solid wood.

Where to Buy MDF Moulding

For domestic as well as international MDF Moulding pricing, availability and logistic support, call 1-800-766-9516 or submit a request here.

MDF Moulding Products

MJB Wood Group offers Cabinet Components and Moulding and Millwork.