What is LSL Lumber?

LSL Lumber (Laminated Strand Lumber) is a wood product made of layered wood strands or flakes and compressed with adhesive to produce a variety of wood components used for building everything from furniture to residential homes. LSL Lumber is popular over traditional lumber due to consistency in design, structure, weight, strength and resistance to shrinking and warping.

LSL Lumber is an engineering innovation to solve many building challenges where traditional wood lumber results in design and structural weaknesses. LSL Lumber can be manufactured to exact design and performance specifications required by the manufacturer or builder.

Key Features of LSL Lumber

  • Structural Uniformity
  • Warp and Split-Free
  • Customized Strength
  • Designed for Improved Performance when Machining, Drilling and Sanding
  • Minimize Waste
  • Environmentally Friendly

LSL Lumber Applications

Furniture Manufacturing – LSL Lumber is ideal and cost-effective for load baring applications like components used in furniture manufacturing.

Where to Buy LSL Lumber Products

For domestic as well as international LSL Lumber pricing, availability and logistic support call 1-888-873-7388 or use Contact Us form.

LSL Wood Products

MJB Wood Group offers TimberStrand LSL by Weyerhaeuser.