MJB serves manufacturers and component producers across a wide span of sectors including in Residential, Office, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Educational furniture. Our state of the art VOSTM Vendor On Site inventory management system lowers capital requirements associated with direct import programs and eliminates the  complexity of ordering and managing your supply chain, both import and domestic. MJB offers a wide range of panel products and components for furniture manufacturers along with value-added manufacturing services such as cut-to-size, component and complete frame manufacturing, including clip rails, t-nuts, kitting and ready for upholstery.  We also excel in case good components and complete assemblies including cam-lock routing and pull drilling.

Furniture Products

  • Standard and specialty plywood, OSB, LSL, LVL,
  • Standard and specialty particleboard, raw and laminated sheets and components
  • Standard and specialty MDF, raw and laminated sheets and components
  • UV coated, painted and primed sheets and components
  • OSB
  • Thin MDF
  • Hardwoods
  • Foil
  • Bun feet
  • Fasteners
  • Furniture clip rails—with and without clips

MJB has manufacturing facilities in North Carolina, Texas, Indiana, Alabama and California to support our furniture customers and can provide complete product frame manufacturing, components and over flow assistance for outsourced capacity on a long or short term basis.

Our state of the art VOSTM Vendor on Site inventory management system lowers capital requirements and provides the security of having inventory on your floor without the expense.  You pay for the product only as it is used.  Our system uses historical data to develop optimal stock levels and our proactive alerts provide real time insight so quick adjustments can be made to your pipeline as market situations dictate.  If you do not have room at your facility, we can provide similar services through our National distribution network.