Frameless Cabinets

Frameless Cabinets, also referred to as European styled cabinets, provide full accessibility to the space because the cabinets do not have a face frame. The lack of a frame on frameless cabinets allows for larger drawers and more easily accessible interior space. The hinges on frameless cabinets are attached to the cabinet box.

Frameless cabinet construction is typically manufactured with cabinet grade plywood, MDF or particleboard with veneer, paper, painted or  thermally fused laminate surface  (Melamine board).   A frameless cabinet made from quality material offers more benefits than traditional cabinet manufacturing.

Frameless Cabinet Benefits:

  • Full Accessibility
  • Traditional and Contemporary Design Options
  • More Open Interior
  • Faster assembly
  • Lower Machining costs

Frameless Cabinet Applications

Frameless Cabinets allow cabinet manufacturer to finish more cabinets while saving time, money, material and labor.

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laboratory & Medical Furniture

Where to Buy Frameless Cabinet Components

For domestic as well as international Frameless Cabinet Component pricing, availability and logistic support call 1-888-873-7388 or use Contact Us form.

Frameless Cabinet Components

MJB Wood Group offers Frameless Cabinet components with our Cabinext Products