Composite Panel Wood

Composite Wood Panels, also known as Engineered Wood is a man-made product that can be used in place of solid wood or plywood for many interior applications. Composite Wood Panels are made from wood fiber and shavings which are bonded together with resin under heat and pressure to create panels in many size and thickness options.

The key benefits of Composite Wood Panels are durability, strength, and versatility. Composite Wood Panels can be finished with thermally fused or high pressure laminates, paper, paint, water-based primer or UV-coating and are available with specialty upgrades, such as moisture-resistant and fire retardant.

Composite Panel Wood:

  • Hardboard
  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
  • Particleboard

Composite Panel Woods are available in an array of sizes, grains and colors- making the possibilities for applications endless.

Composite Panel  Wood Applications

  • Trimboards
  • Decorative Moulding (Base, Chair Rail, and Crown and other specialty items)
  • Cabinetry
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Store Fixtures & Display applications