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What our customer say

MJB Wood Testimonials

“Since we started using MJB Wood’s VOS System, we’ve never looked back. The inventory peaks and valleys are gone and our planners never worry about our core supplies.

We don’t spend any time with our inventory management anymore. It’s off our radar.”

Dennis Beierman

Case Study from Dennis Beierman — WILSONART INTERNATIONAL

What We Do

Founded in 1956 and headquartered in Temple, TX, Wilsonart International is a manufacturer and distributor of decorative laminate countertops, flooring and molding as well as solid surfacing products and adhesives.

Description of the Problem

Before working with MJB, we had several vendors we negotiated with for best price and imported the core materials for our molding products in bulk. It was either feast or famine with this method and everything was manual. Our planning managers were constantly pulling inventory for counts and there were gaps in supply.

Why We Chose MJB Wood

We chose to work with MJB Wood because their Vendor On Site product (VOS) offered a one-stop solution to managing our inventory.

The Results Since Implementing

The VOS bar-coding has eliminated our receiving problems and our fill rates have improved by approximately 40%. The system is easy to implement and once your team is trained on it, your time and effort managing inventory are gone. The time and money we’ve saved has allowed us to shift more of our resources into product innovation and business expansion.

MJB Wood Testimonials

“My MJB Wood team resolves even the most minor issues quickly and efficiently.”

Dennis Beierman

Case Study from Dennis Beierman — WILSONART INTERNATIONAL